"I was just visited by a member of our philanthropy team, who delivered the news of your incredible donation to Minor Home Repair! I was instantly choked up with the size of the gift. This is incredible. Thank you for continuing to support our important work."
Juli Rose
Sr. Program Manager/Facilities Manager, Homage
"We so appreciate all that you do and for continuing to be an advocate for EvergreenHealth. You are incredible and we cannot thank you enough. I know this will be a huge relief to so many. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU."
Meg Powers
Director of Operations & Annual Giving Foundation, EvergreenHealth

"Your gift made it possible for NW Harvest to continue distributing food, expanding access to the most in need, advocating for a strong public safety net, and building the movement to end hunger."

Northwest Harvest

“Thank you for providing a safe and secure environment to mentally and emotionally prepare for my surgery and a healthy and warmly receptive place in which to heal.” 

Fred Hutch
“I cannot say thank you enough. The NightWare device has changed my quality of life and my outlook each day. My battles are over! I have been able to cuddle with my husband at night and having human touch again is amazing. You and your organization are a godsend. You answered my prayers. I hope I can make a difference for others as well.”
Semper Fi