Searching For An End To Cancer Once And For All

Fred Hutch’s interdisciplinary teams conduct hight-impact science to achieve their mission: to eliminate cancer and related diseases as causes of human suffering and death through prevention and curative treatments that are accessible to all patients.

Our grant to Fred Hutch partially went to lung cancer research, where targeted therapies have transformed outcomes for lung cancer patients. Lung cancer still claims more than 130,000 lives in the U.S. every year. Fred Hutch is working to change that. With support from the William E. Wockner Foundation, researchers are developing methods that more quickly confirm whether a patient has a mutation that could benefit from targeted therapy. Your support is also accelerating our search for new genomic targets for future therapies. 

Support from the William E. Wockner Foundation enables the SCCA Family Assistance Fund to help patients and their families weather unexpected financial blows that often accompany a cancer diagnosis. Our latest $20,000 grant funded short-term housing, parking, and utility costs for roughly 45 families. These funds also provided direct assistance in the form of gift cards for food, gas, and transportation. 

This past spring, the Family Assistance Fund covered the expense of a three-night stay at SCCA House for a patient struggling financially during treatment. Later, she wrote to say, “Thank you for providing a safe and secure environment to mentally and emotionally prepare for my surgery and a healthy and warmly receptive place in which to heal.” 

This has been a year of unprecedented challenges for all of us — and patients living with cancer have been greatly affected. Fred Hutch is committed to ensuring access to care with leading-edge facilities, and are excited to have broken ground on our new six-story clinic expansion, expected to open in 2023. The largest single construction project in SCCA history, the new building will feature a patient-centered design, highly specialized treatment clinics and state-of-the-art procedure suites to advance SCCA’s ability to deliver world-class cancer care and conduct cutting-edge research. 

Images courtesy of Fred Hutch