New World Villages

With the help of both US and foreign based partners, New World Villages has completed many projects in villages, towns, and cities around the world. Some of their completed projects include the recent building of a community center in rural India, a much needed medical clinic in a remote area of Guatemala, building a much needed pavilion at an orphanage in Nicaragua, setting up a sewing co-op in rural India, rebuilding a mosque wall and upgrading latrine facilities in Morocco, building and upgrading libraries, computer labs, sustainable farms, and schools in Belize, as well as delivering much needed medical supplies to numerous countries in Central America.

The New World Villages Mission

New World Villages is an all-volunteer, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, founded in September 2004. Their mission is to provide a hand up to the poorest of the poor by helping to increase their educational level, health, and human dignity. More than ninety five percent of all donations go directly to the projects they target.

William E. Wockner's Impact

With funding provided by the William E. Wockner Foundation, New World Villages is working on a project to provide a multipurpose hall to be used to ensure a safe environment for quality educational activities for all sectors of society. In addition, this hall will house social and cultural activities, provide emergency shelter for the village community, a study hall for students, and a daycare center for preschool learning. The grand opening was March 1st, and there are healthcare training sessions scheduled as well as youth summer educational/music camps and student exam study hours.