Increasing Awareness

The Nick of Time Foundation was founded in honor of 16-year-old Nicholas Varrenti, a young, and healthy athlete who suffered from a Sudden Cardiac Arrest. The Nick of Time Foundation was founded in Nick’s honor and keeps his name alive. We may have lost Nick to Sudden Cardiac Arrest but we vow to make his death count and are committed to keeping others with hidden cardiac problems, alive. We cannot afford to lose any more of our bright future.

Saving Lives

The leading cause of death in young athletes on the playing field is an undetected heart condition. The best way to detect these heart conditions is through a heart screening using an ECG (Electrocardiogram) and in some cases an Echocardiogram (ultrasound) of the heart. Nick of Time Foundation works every day to increase awareness about sudden cardiac arrest and how it affects young people with the goal of saving lives. We met these objectives by EKG screening young people between 12-24 years old. Helping to identify those who may have an underlying abnormality that their families may not have known about.


Young Hearts Screened


Screening Locations

William E. Wockner Foundation's Impact

Because of the support this year from the William Wockner Foundation, we were able to provide: SCA awareness presentations to several organizations help them understand the importance of ensuring our young people’s hearts are safe to do the things they love.

We have been able to repurpose AEDs that have been donated to us. Our focus for these donations has been on youth organizations who don’t currently have AEDs at their practices and games. This year, we also joined a group of community leaders in forming a new community project, Project 100, to place AEDs at community sports fields. This will allow the fields to be HeartSafe in case of a cardiac emergency.