Helping Service Members Overcome Trauma

REBOOT Recovery helps military, first responders, and their families overcome trauma. Their faith-based trauma healing courses, training, and online community are open to anyone looking to move forward from trauma and tragedy into a better future. REBOOT’s programs provide a unique blend of clinical insight and Christian faith-based support. They are safe, private, peer-led, and outcomes-driven. Their military and first responder programs are offered at no cost to participants.

Each of REBOOT Recovery’s course locations offer meals, childcare, curriculum and support to hurting military, first responders and their families. Joint Base Lewis McChord houses special forces and infantry members who have experienced the devastation of war firsthand. By offering a course in their “backyard,” they help to remove barriers for them seeking help and create a peer-led movement.


Veterans Graduated in 2020

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Graduation Rate

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Of Students Continue Training

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Of Graduates Become REBOOT Leaders

With our donation, REBOOT was able to help 24 veterans complete the course training to graduation. As of this year, REBOOT Recovery holds an 81% graduation rate, with 79% of graduates returning for future courses, and 42% of graduates going on to train to become REBOOT leaders themselves.

REBOOT’s effectiveness measures are focused on improving both quality of life and character resiliency. Scores on the PROMIS-29, a NIH-developed tool measuring health-related quality of life, showed statistically significant improvements in anxiety, depression, social isolation, and sleep related issues following completion of REBOOT’s 12-week trauma healing course. Additionally, scores on the Character Fitness Rating Scale demonstrated statistically significant improvements in self-reported wisdom, justice, courage, humility, transcendence, and temperance following completion of REBOOT.

Image courtesy of REBOOT Recovery