Hearing Device Loaner Program

The Hearing Device Loaner Program at Seattle Children’s Hospital allows clinicians to provide hearing technology to families at a time that is often difficult. This program includes hearing aids, bone conduction sound processors, and digital modulated (DM) systems.

Program Areas of Impact

This program serves children who are newly diagnosed with hearing loss, have been using hearing aids, are exploring other technologies, need a device while their personal hearing device is being repaired, or wish to trial a DM at home. The $15,000 grant from the Wockner Foundation allowed the SCH Foundation to purchase 29 new hearing devices for the loaner program.

William E. Wockner's Impact

The $15,000 Wockner Foundation grant was used to purchase hearing technology used in the Hearing Device Loaner Program. This program makes it possible to provide patients with appropriate technology that best suits a patient’s listening needs and allows them to have consistent access to sound.